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A Christian Ministry for Women

Women from all walks of life who want to develop a closer relationship with God and grow in grace will benefit from the anointed ministry of Bishop Tracey Dickie. She supplies abundant non-judgmental, unconditional love as she leads women toward Christ-centered outcomes.

Bishop Dickie founded Deliverance Tabernacle Ministry International, a non-denominational fellowship that has served the Lord for more than 20 years. Bishop Dickie has now launched A.W.A.K.E., or Anointed Women Acclaimed for Kingdom Empowerment.

The purpose of this freshly anointed ministry is to help women reach the full potential that God has called them to. As an apostle, evangelist, prophet, and teacher, she'll instill confidence in you as you branch out into what many perceive to be a male-dominated world of evangelistic teaching and preaching.

Contact A.W.A.K.E. for information on classes, instruction, and Christian ministry services. Bishop Dickie is always available by phone or email. To God Be the Glory for the things He has done and continues to do. Thanks for your interest and God Bless!

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